I wanted to get a recent understanding of pharmacy management systems so I did a quick scan of publicly available information.   There’s an old adage in the industry that it’s easier to change your wife (or husband) than your pharmacy system, so these decisions aren’t taken lightly.   There is a ‘long tail’ of pharmacy system vendors with a small number of installations, that seem to remain in place just by meeting ‘table stakes’ needs of the retail pharmacy.   However, others have emerged as more ‘full service’ vendors, taking on clinical complexities in the retail pharmacy, differentiating based on reporting or interfaces available, or reducing costs through inventory management capabilities.

The Results:

This review highlights the vendors that appear most frequently across all sources, have the largest number of installs or geographic reach:

Rx30 has had a strong footprint in the South, but 2016 was the year of acquisition, in which Transaction Data Systems broadened their reach with the acquisition of Computer-Rx (Mid West based), and Lagniappe (Texas based).   It will be interesting to see how the combined entities handle platform and product road map alignment moving forward.

PioneerRx is rated highly both on their own pharmacy reviews website as well as Capterra.   Customers praise the site for stream-lined workflow, reducing errors; handling profit and loss calculations well, including DIR fee reconciliation; integrations with nearly everything; great customer service, and more.

Datascan and Liberty are two more highly rated systems from the Capterra review site. Both companies customer’s praise the companies’ customer service and flexibility to meet their needs. Datascan customers note that the software is very cost effective. Neither vendor publish install numbers on their ComputerTalk profiles.

McKesson and QS – 1 products don’t have a large number of customer review on either review site, but both platforms have strong install bases, especially within the customer bases of their parent company wholesalers.   Both vendors offer ‘enterprise’ scale products and have invested in a full suite of clinical services, integrations, analytics, and patient engagement.   McKesson has focused on developing a suite of clinical tools, analytics, and reporting (source: ComptureTalk for Pharmacies).

Customers of QS-1’s legacy NRx products have recently noted the challenges with setting up reports and older/clunky user interfaces that are hard to customize with default values. However, QS-1’s more recent Sharp-Rx is a web based and mobile-enabled platform which provides a more modern system platform.

PDX is an enterprise scale pharmacy and POS system provider, which references several small to medium chains as its customers and refers to over 10,000 pharmacies as part of their install base (pdxinc.com website). However, perhaps given its larger customer focus vs. more numerous independent pharmacies, it has few reviews on Capterra and is not profiled in ComputerTalk.

There are also some smaller systems that bear mentioning that may be more focused on Specialty Pharmacy and Long Term Care applications. Softwriters’ FrameworksLTC seems to have a very robust LTC oriented platform.


Customer Install Base:

Based on disclosures in the ComputerTalk Buying Guide for Pharmacy Management Systems, the following are the number of systems installed by vendor:

Vendor Installs
Health Business Systems 1,500
McKesson 8,000 +
PioneerRx 1,957
QS1 6,000 +
Transaction Data Systems (Rx30) 4,500
PDx (based on own website) 10,000 +

Source: ComputerTalk for Pharmacists Buying Guide 2016; pdxinc.com Accessed August 16th, 2017


Alignment of Incentives:

Several of the top pharmacy vendors are aligned with wholesalers and or payer/PBMs.  In addition, Transaction Data Systems’ recent acquisition of both Computer-Rx and Lagniappe, is a significant move to consolidate users under a single umbrella.

Vendor M&A or Corporate Development Activity
Transaction Data Systems (Rx30) Acquired Computer Rx Oct 2016
  Acquired Lagniappe May 2016
HBS (Health Business Systems) Subsidiary of Catamaran, Acquired by UnitedHealth in 2015
QS/1 Owned by Smith Drug
  Saul Factor, Former McKesson EVP named President of QS1 July 2017
Enterprise Rx, PharmaServe, PharmacyRx Brands owned/operated by McKesson corporation
PioneerRx Fully owned by Morris Dickson

Source: Company websites and press releases


Customer Review Data:

The Capterra data (http://www.capterra.com/pharmacy-software/) provides a handy review of various pharmacy system vendors, with a review of the Top 10 available.   You might notice, that they all meet the basic types of features, however, they are ranked based on customer opinion (Ranked out of 5).   Noticeably absent from the list are the McKesson suite of products (they are not even reviewed and hence, not ranked).   In addition, vendors like PDX and Rx30, and Lagniappe only have a handful of reviews, despite larger install bases.   That said, the user generated reviews provide a broad context for the Pro’s Con’s of the systems, excerpted on the Customer Outtakes section below.

Capterra Compare

Geographic Reach:

The Pharmacysoftwarereviews.com site maps its reviews by state, so you can get a view of the geographic reach of some of the pharmacy system vendors.   Given this is sample of older data, this should be treated as directional. However, the graphs do a good job of showing which vendors have a broader coverage area than other, more regional players:

Geography of PMS

Available Sources for Reviews:

Capterra: http://www.capterra.com/pharmacy-software/ The most comprehensive review site I found through my research was Capterra, which was purchased by Gartner in 2015. Capterra provides reviews across multiple types of software (outside of retail pharmacy).   The site has a large collection of recent reviews of several of the major pharmacy systems. The site seems to exist based on a referral model (where companies pay per referral), and some of the pharmacy systems with the most reviews are not necessarily the systems with the largest install base.   Notably missing were any of the McKesson Pharmacy Systems: EnterpriseRx, PharmacyRx, or Pharmaserv, and others had surprisingly low review coverage (QS-1, Rx30).

ComputerTalk for Pharmacists: http://www.computertalk.com/ If you are looking for vendor marketing overviews and feature comparisons, ComputerTalk for Pharmacists provides a fairly comprehensive review of pharmacy systems and technology, both for retail pharmacy and health systems outpatient pharmacy. They have a list of key services listed for each vendor as well as highlights some marketing/install stats and new features. 2017 Buying Guides available to download here: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/pharmacy-management-and-workflow-systems/

Pharmacysoftwarereviews.com (run by PioneerRx): This website is run by Nu Tech Computer Systems, dba PioneerRx, one of the systems reviewed on the website (you can tell through the website terms of service). Kudos to them for maintaining the site to gather customer and competitor feedback, and serve as a source of leads. It also comes up high in most pharmacy system Google searches, so they also do a good job of search engine optimization (SEO).

Perceived bias aside, the site does do a nice job of identifying regional locations of system installs. The majority of customer comments and ratings are from 2012 and 2013, so customer reviews on the site are a bit dated. http://www.pharmacysoftwarereviews.com/

Other Pharmacy Decision ‘Coaching’ sites: Both of these websites exist as general consulting services on selecting software across many industries. Most of them just integrate other sites’ reviews, including the Capterra reviews. I didn’t find them very useful.



Virtual Trade Show:   http://www.rxinsider.com/ offers a virtual trade show which provides good overview of a variety of pharmacy technologies and services: http://www.rxshowcase.com/ However, for pharmacy technology decisions, I found the ComputerTalk for Pharmacist site to be more comprehensive in its discussion of features.

Customer Comments/Outtakes


ComputerRx WinRx (Acquired by Transaction Data Systems Oct 2016)

Company website: http://www.computer-rx.com Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/140107/WinRx/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: Not Available

The software is very easy to use, very few glitches/problems. We like that it pulls up the rxs still in the will call bin or sent to the dr for review. Nice to have credit cards on file with easy access.

— Kristin Bixler, Pharmacy Tech, Kurt’s Pharmacy May 22nd, 2017


Anytime we have a problem customer support has been awesome and always fixes our problem. We need to have some backup for emergencies… …WinRx makes my work days easier!

— John McNeill Nichols Southside Pharmacy Apr 21, 2017

Overall: We migrated to WinRx from a “best in the industry” system that was anything but! It was hard to use, difficult to navigate, and impossible to obtain reports. WinRx was a breath of fresh air! All of the difficulties we experienced in our previous software vanished with WinRx. WinRx is intuitive, easy to navigate and obtaining reports couldn’t be easier! With such a great product, its easy to see why Computer-Rx continues to grow and gain customers.

Pros: Reporting and ability to easily export data.

Cons: Difficulty in managing users and forgotten passwords! It would be nice to reset the password instead of having to delete and create a new user.

Recommendations to other buyers: In the beginning, 2009, customer service was easy to contact with little to no wait times. Now, 2017, this is no longer true and is a frustration point.

— Lonnie Anderson, Director of Pharmacy, Uintah Basin Medical Center Pharmacy, April 18, 2017


Company website: www.datascanpharmacy.com
Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/120411/Datascan-Winpharm/#reviews
ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/datascan/





Pros: ease of training someone new as to have everyone on the same page. The ability to track refills, insurance payments and inventory

Cons: there seems to be more pop up screens with warnings than there used to be which takes focus off the script and slows the whole process down

–darrell catlett, dispensary supervisor, trinity medical associates, Used the software for: 2+ years, Jun 2017


Pros: Easy to use and learn, excellent customer support and service, tons of features, always get quick answers from the support technicians

Overall: This software system helped streamline our day to day workflow, accomplish more in less time, and made it easy to run out business effectively.

— Sarah Zakarin, CPhT/Manager, Vanco Pharmacy, Jun 2017


Health Business Systems (UnitedHealth affiliate)

Company website: http://www.hbsrx.com/     Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/100049/HBS-Pharmacy-Software/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/health-business-systems/


HBS has been the technology company to partner with to run a successful pharmacy. I would have to say that considering their superior level of performance, expertise, and availability they are a tremendous value. A company that offers SOLUTIONS, not more grief to deal with to maintain the business. It’s as if they invented the wheel–DONE!

— Bill Balas, Thomas Jefferson Outpatient Pharmacies, Dec 2016


Pros: good support, friendly people

Overall: Majora’s has been an HBS customer for many years, we have always had a good working relationship and have always found them to be ready and willing to answer any challenge, and we have had a few over the years. the support team is very responsive to any challenges we have. I would recommend them . special thanks to my reps, my go to people

Recommendations to other buyers: I have looked at the synchronization program and it seems a lot more complicated than it needs to be. I looked at the tutorial and it was no help at all. someday someone will come up with a “sync” button that will do the job after a simple menu of options, but then again that is me, others may find it very useful, we are currently doing synchronization manually

Al Spitale, Majoria Drugs, Metairie, LA; Dec 2016


Pros: Quick, user friendly. Keyboard-based interface that does not constantly require mouse use, or counter space taken up by mousepad.

Cons: Weather related power outages require us to sometimes call to have some features reset, but not a fault of the operating system itself.

Overall: HBS software is straight-forward and user-friendly. Tech support is always there for us and most helpful whenever we need them.

–Justin Rice, Complete Care Pharmacy, Jul 2016


HBS has served us since 1998 with excellent customer service, an ideal retail software model, and some of the nicest folks in the industry. As the title of our review indicates, we consider ourselves the squeaky wheel of software users because we are a compounding only pharmacy and have many special needs. In spite of the problems associated with creating and perfecting new software modules, HBS has continuously updated, upgraded and innovated to bring us what we need to run our business in the most efficient and cost conscience manner. We have been very satisfied with the product, the price and mostly the people who stand behind it. Even though they are Yankees and talk funny, we love them and appreciate them and the massive effort they put forth to satisfy us slow talking southerners.

— Missy James, Director of Operations, Vital Care Compounder, Mar 2016


Lagniappe Pharmacy Systems

Company website: www.RxLPS.com Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/106393/Lagniappe-Pharmacy-Services-LPS/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/lagniappe-pharmacy-services/


I have been with this company since its infancy. Through the years and transitions LPS has remained customer oriented. It is difficult to find a company that treats you the same if you are 1 store or 100 stores. Without questions they are willing to do whatever they can to make you a satisfied customer. I have been and always will be willing to talk to any potential customer without a sales pitch just my experiences.

— Jason Kasiar, Pharmacist/Owner, Beck’s Drugs Oxygen and Medical, Oct 2013



Company website: https://libertysoftware.com     Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/134060/Liberty-Software/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/liberty-software/



TAMMI MCALISTER, Pharmacy Tech, Grapevine Drug, Feb 2017

Great experience – conversion was probably the best it could have been (only problems were with previous company). Installation was so easy and on-site training was so helpful. Customer support is the best – have responded to every issue.

–Melissa Minix, Pharmacist / Owner, Medical Center Pharmacy; Jan 2017

Liberty’s newest updates allow us to better serve our patients more effectively -> The features we have added/customized such as the problem Q and promise times allow better flow and organization. We are always learning new ways to use the software to make our job easier! The customer support is always willing to guides us through any issues we have!

–Lindsay Frost, Pharmacist, Sandhills Medical Pharmacy #2, Jan 2017


I have worked with liberty for 15 years over the years they have Always had the best customer service! They are there to fix any issues you may have or come up with new ways to improve your efficiency as a pharmacy! They keep up with all new technology, processes, and procedures. Their software is continually growing to help customers save money elsewhere, in which their software may contain items that you normally would have to purchase separately. The system is very user-friendly and easy to train new people. Liberty software is an excellent choice!

–Stachia Baxter, Roanoke Pharmacy, Jan 2017


The service is excellent. Workflow options are very helpful. Excited to see what new features Liberty will come out with next.

–Linda Tran, Pharmacist, Your RX Pharmacy, Nov 2016


McKesson EnterpriseRx:

Company website: http://www.mckesson.com/pharmacies/independent-retail/pharmacy-management-software-and-services/enterpriserx/       pharmacysoftwarereviews.com page: http://www.pharmacysoftwarereviews.com/Software/EnterpriseRx/Reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/mckesson-pharmacy-systems-automation/

Pros: electronic hard copy storage of rx’s. section for notes on patient file…strictly for pharmacy use.

Cons: NOT integrated well with Cardinal CIM. Inventory counts constantly off even if following best practice recommendations from eps/pdx and CIM. Constant software glitches. If a brand name is in-putted at data entry, a generic equivalent is not suggested for substitution on 15% of the drugs. Which increases likelihood of pharmacy dispensing a brand name drug when a generic equivalent is available.

Comments: “pioneer rx seems to offer better value for money. A lot of features are included in the package price without pharmacy having to pay additional fees to activate certain features. Windows based system seems user friendly. ”

— Pharmaca pharmacy, Located in California, Using EnterpriseRx since 1992, Mar 2013

Pros: Scan hardcopy Rx, visual verification, scan bar code bottle for accuracy

Cons: Ease of use, printing of reports are not easy. I want to check the hardcopy rx to the inputted rx before the rx is filled and before it is submitted to insurance.

Comments: “Overall I am decently pleased with Enterprise RX but many updates need to be made for ease of use and cost efffectiveness.”

–Dayton Drug and Wellness, Located in Tennessee, Using EnterpriseRx since 2011, Oct 2012


Pros: The workflow is excellent, the barcode scanning reduces errors. The inventory management works very well. The POS integrates seamlessly with the pharmacy software. The IVR software works well with the system, and calls patients when the prescriptions are ready.

Cons: The system is made to work with EHR, so the data entry process is slow. A few processes could be better, such as defaulting to “all” prescriptions in the rx profile, instead of just active prescriptions. A few bugs in the dispensing process, labels not printing, etc. The worst part of Enterpriserx is the Customer Service. I dread calling for “support”. The “level 1” staff is useless for anything more than a password reset, and reporting problems with the software is a frustrating experience.

Comments: “This is good system. I just wish support staff were better trained and more responsive. Also, the last update disabled a feature we needed to allow barcode scanning of over the counter items (we dispense everything as a prescription), and the dispensing function has become “buggy”, with labels not printing out but show as “dispensed”. Sometimes login takes two or three tries. Enterpriserx has yet to fix these problems, which they created in their last patch.”

–Located in California, Using EnterpriseRx since 2011, Mar 2012


McKesson Pharmaserv

Company website: http://www.mckesson.com/pharmacies/independent-retail/pharmacy-management-software-and-services/pharmaserv/       pharmacysoftwarereviews.com page: http://www.pharmacysoftwarereviews.com/Software/PharmacyRx/Reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/mckesson-pharmacy-systems-automation/


Pros: it is easy to use and good support

Cons: it is not that cutting edge.

Comments: “not sure i am happy with it.”

— Located in Colorado, Using Pharmaserv by McKesson since 2001; July 2017


Pros: User friendly. Easy to use. The CAM is very nice to check adjudications.

Cons: Major inventory issues with EDI. COST!!! COST!!!!

Comments: “Very expensive and they want a fortune to buy out my contract so I can switch companies. They seem very unorganized. I asked for a buyout and it took them months to get me the astronomical number after repeated calls and emails. I am very unhappy with Pharmaserv.”

— B & B Pharmacy, Located in Colorado, Using Pharmaserv by McKesson since 2009, June 2013


PioneerRx (Morris Dickson Affiliate) Company website: https://www.pioneerrx.com Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/106400/PioneerRX/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/pioneerrx/

Integrations with nearly everything!

— Blake Whitley Owner Whitley Pharmacy; Oct 2016


Very user-friendly and streamlined steps help reduce data entry errors significantly. Makes it easy for onboarding new employees

–Amar VN Padmanabhuni, Grubbs Pharmacy & Surgical Supplies, Dec 2016


I bought Pioneer in 2013 after using QS1 for 20 years. The system did not transfer the competitive prices from QS1 that I had set into the old software, and I had difficulty in maintaining a good margin on low priced generics as well as maintaining continuity on pricing, especially generics. After muddling through it for 3 years and doing the best we can, and voicing my frustrations on this site, Pioneer called me and said they wanted my issues resolved and volunteered to send a rep to my store for the better part of 3 days.

Customer support representative was exceptional in his willingness and ability to explain and resolve my issues. I was able to get better control over my generic pricing and he also led us to a multitude of other issues to better utilize what Pioneer offered the independent pharmacy.

My staff loves it. It does a great job managing our profit/loss issues (with the DIR exceptions) and I may be able to save money by d/cing other programs that Pioneer can handle. My biggest recommendation would be that if you aren’t happy with the product, ask them to fix it. don’t give up until you get results. It can do a lot more than you think it can. the on site training is somewhat limited. I wish they would have spent more energy into pointing out things at time of installation (perhaps a checklist, provided by current users, would help). I am a bit old school and Pioneer is a highly technical software so the learning curve was a bit steep for me.

I would recommend this software over QS1 and am very happy with the service they provided.

— Alan Kennedy, Pharmacist/owner, Medicap Pharmacy Jan 22, 2017


Pros: – User interface is nice to look at

– General support line has been prompt and helpful so far

– Lots of features within the software

– Almost everything within the software is automated, which saves time down the line

– Lots of preparation beforehand to get you ready for conversion and software use

Cons: they actually did not make it a smooth transition when it came to the live date. For example,

  1. Insurances didn’t convert correctly, but they fixed it by next day
  2. Not enough help on site on live week. Only 1 installer was provided and he was occupied with fixing the conversion issues, not much time was left for actual walk-throughs with my staff
  3. Sample of our prescription label provided to them at least 2 weeks in advance, label presented on live day looked nothing like it, which was very disappointing
  4. General lack of follow up and communication from Pioneer’s help team regarding problems. I had to email and ask for a supervisor to get some kind of resolution to our problems. The feeling was like they did a system conversion and neglected the issues of the customer.

Overall: Automation of tasks, knowing where a patient’s prescription stands in the fill process, integrated POS, and more.

— Eddie Yad, PIC/Manager, Garfield Pharmacy, June 2017


QS-1 (Smith Drug Affiliate)

Company website: http://www.qs1.com   Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/100048/Pharmacy-Management-Systems/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/qs1/


Pros: Qs1 as scaled with us since we started with 10 employees Qs1 still goes strong now that we are at over 200. The employees at Qs1 support are very knowledgeable and will assist with any issue no matter how state specific it may be.

Cons: Due to the massive amount of LTC rules and regulations Qs1 can inadvertently release software updates that interfere with normal operation. However even at these times it is usually just a call to support, and they can get it working correctly again.

Overall: We gained the ability to create, manage, bill patients in a decently convenient package.

— Jesse Foster, IT Manager, MTPS (LTC Business); Aug 2017


Pros: Quickly and efficiently processes prescriptions

Cons: Reports and custom reports are not very intuitive, each new feature is an additional cost

Overall: My biggest complaint is the report system. Almost any time I need a customized report I have to call in and get someone from customer service to help me with setting it up. However, once it is set up it’s pretty good. It just isn’t very intuitive since it is built on an old DOS-based platform. NRx is a GUI of the DOS-based platform they had in the past. It definitely does what a pharmacy software should, in that you can process scripts pretty quickly. They are constantly trying to improve the software with things like Pharmacy at a Glance (sidebar that shows you your queues of new E-Scribes, Refill requests, etc.). This feature is very helpful and I’ve used it every day since we enabled the feature. The quality assurance queue is very helpful and their workflow can be customized to your needs. We definitely do not utilize the software to its full potential. If we had more time to look into and learn the additional features, then we would probably have a better opinion of the software. We are very excited about their new solution SharpRx, and would like to give it a go once it is fully released for multi-location stores. It is designed from the ground up, so should be the refresh that QS1 needs.

Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely, test it out before you buy it. If you’re interested in QS1, make sure and check out SharpRx. It should be a lot more competitive with the other market leaders.

–Jordan Talley,Pharmacist, Barnes & Williams Drug Center #2; Jan 2017


Pros: Dual billing is pretty good and e-scripts can be processed quickly.


Overall: Processing prescriptions is pretty good and quick. I switched systems to process secondary claims and tie in POS with system for electronic signatures and system does well with those 2 things. The system is TERRIBLE for generating reports that you need. I always have to call in and get help which is very time consuming.

Recommendations to other buyers: Don’t buy

Tracey Turpin, PIC/owner, West Somerset Pharmacy, Inc July 2016


Our Customer Support team has recently contacted this customer with further instructions on the best practices for pulling reports – both standard and customized. If further help is required, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you

Vendor Response by QS/1 on August 04, 2016


Was a long start-up / break-in process. Things that should be defaulted are not. Customer Service seems interested and responsive at first, but ultimately fails on many promises. I suspect their hands are tied. I learned this nRx system by QS1 is actually built on top of an old DOS based system. This causes many limitations. (e.g. despite numerous pleas, I’ve been told they are unable to default the checkbox to ON to automatically print monographs on refills. I have handfuls of examples like this that chip away at the likability of this system.)

Reports: they will tell you the reports are customizable. The truth: they are a cumbersome mess, and the format in which they print out is just awful. Many, many screens to click through to print reports that you have already spent hours setting up and customizing.

Despite the nRx system being called “Billing”, they will try to upsale you later on their accounting software, claiming what you’re using is only dispensing and cannot handle basic accounting tasks.

There is a major pitfall that literally cost our company $10,000. If you print a label wrong, it will read “Copay $0” even when the insurance rejected it. This label looks *exactly* like the label does when it’s a paid claim. In my opinion, this “wrong” way of printing a label is the most obvious (i.e. punch in the prescription number, click the print button). We gave out medication that we aren’t going to get reimbursed for. Beware.

There are positives. It has a modern interface. When things work well, it’s nice to use. Not all together intuitive, however. If you’ve got young and tech-savvy employees, you could probably get along ok with this system, but don’t expect anyone else to be able to use it. We’ve struggled with this system for a year and are now shopping for alternatives. I laughed out loud when I saw this was 3rd on the list. Figured I’d drop a review for the next guy.

— John Claridge, Pharmacist; OSSC, Chicago IL; Apr 22, 2015


Transaction Data Services (Rx30):

Company website: https://www.rx30.com/   Capterra review website: http://www.capterra.com/p/106388/Rx30-Pharmacy-System/#reviews ComputerTalk profile: http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/transaction-data-rx30/


Pros: control operation and constant updates.

Cons: really like all.

Overall: With this software, you have absolute control operation with all the interfaces, which allows you to not have to make other investments, easy handling……. THE BEST

Recommendations to other buyers: the perfect choice.

— Brian Smith, pharmacist/owner, Dec 2016


I worked at an independent pharmacy and managed the LTC department. When we switched from PharmaServ to RX30 there were many promises made that were not fulfilled. For instance, they marketed the software of having the capability to set “refills too soon” to process at a date when it was fillable and “virtual pharmacist” would automatically process. After acquiring the system, we were trying to utilize this feature and the support team said it was impossible to do this. You could set the RX to process at a later date, but you would still have to physically process it.

The system itself is VERY keystroke heavy. It is LINUX based, so report generating and tracking is very difficult to anyone who was raised in the 21st century. Building compounds and billing was also very labor intensive.

Customer support was subpar. They were very responsive when they were courting us to make the switch. Once it happened, whenever I needed a change made in the LTC module, I would never get a call back.

–Timothy Schnupp, Pharmacist, Fallston Pharmacy


Other Profiles of Interest:


Best Computer Systems (Best-Rx)

http://www.bestrx.com/ http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/best-computer-systems/ Installs: 1000+

DAA Enterprises

http://www.daaenterprises.com http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/daa/ Installs: 475



KeyCentrix (New Leaf Rx)


Micro Merchant Systems (PrimeRx)



https://www.pdxinc.com/ Installs: 10,000 installs per website, with testimonials from Giant Eagle, Albertsons, Weis Markets


http://www.speedscript.com/ http://buyersguide.computertalk.com/vendor/speed-script/ Installs: 300+

Softwriters (Framework LTC)

https://www.softwriters.com/products/ https://www.frameworkltc.com/

SRS Pharmacy Systems


VIP Computer Systems

http://www.vip-pharmacy.com/index.html http://www.computertalk.com/buyer/vip-computer-systems

3 thoughts on “2017 Pharmacy Management System Guide

  1. Not sure why you give kudos to Pioneer RX building and manipulating a reviews website they have been sued for —manipulating the publics perception of its competitors, and keeping it self ranked as #1 with little to no negative reviews –its scheister marketing at its best —and the site should be removed from Google’s results.

    1. Frank, I appreciate the comment. I was trying to be tongue in cheek – trying to point out the PioneerRx affiliation so that it was more transparent. I realize now that tone is difficult to read online!

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